Grandfather Rights

Grandfather Rights

It is important that the person applying pesticides holds a recognised certificate of competence

This has been a legal requirement since November 26th 2015.  Before that date it was possible for operators born before December 31st 1964 to operate under 'Grandfather Rights'. 

There are a number of options to consider for those who previously benefited from Grandfather Rights. In making the decision, it is useful to think about the amount and type of spraying that you are likely to do and the condition of the sprayer, so that you can cost out your options appropriately. However, if you are likely to do any spraying on a contracting basis you will need to hold a PA certificate as well as the necessary insurance.


 1. Take the new Level 2 Award in the Safe Use of Pesticides Replacing Grandfather Rights;

This is a new qualification specifically designed to take into account the extensive experience that applicants will have accumulated over their years of spraying.

For more information and to find your local centre visit NPTC City and Guilds.

2. Take the existing Level 2 Safe Use of Pesticide (PA) Certificate, appropriate to the type of equipment you use;

This recognised qualification allows you to spray on your own land or as a contractor.

For more information and to find your local centre visit NPTC City and GuildsLantra or your local land based college.  

3. If you are not wishing to take the above qualifications your other option is to employ a qualified contractor for all professional pesticides applications. Contact the National Association of Agricultural Contractors (NAAC) to find a contractor.


Find out more about these options by reading our leaflet on the ending of Grandfather Rights.

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