New “OSR Herbicides? Think Water” Campaign Launched by VI

New “OSR Herbicides? Think Water” Campaign Launched by VI

07 April 2016
A new campaign aimed at supporting farmers to continue their responsible use of oilseed rape herbicides is being launched by the Voluntary Initiative with support from the Crop Protection Association.

OSR Herbicides? Think Water will be developing a suite of new tools aimed at helping farmers, agronomists and sprayer operators to follow best practice stewardship advice to ensure the continued responsible use of oilseed rape herbicides.

“Oilseed rape is an essential crop in the rotation allowing a break to control weeds, pest and diseases and especially difficult-to-control blackgrass”, said VI Chairman, Richard Butler. “And it is vital that farmers have all of the tools available to win this battle in the fields.”

Nick von Westenholz, Chief Executive of the Crop Protection Association, said: “As part of this new campaign we will be encouraging farmers to review their practices when growing oilseed rape, to check WIYBY and to use the updated Water Protection Advice Sheets (WPAS) for the relevant herbicides.

“The campaign will also promote the greater use of Integrated Pest Management, which has been extremely successful in helping develop a more holistic approach to crop protection, and will develop new tools to aid farmers with their plans for responsible herbicide use."

All these resources will be made available through the VI website over the coming year.


The VI issued the above as a media release on 4th August 2016.


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