Crop Protection In Southern Britain: 12-13 November 2018

Crop Protection In Southern Britain: 12-13 November 2018

15 August 2018
The conference, in association with BCPC and AHDB, is the sixth in this series and will provide a major platform for recent developments in crop protection, with a focus on dissemination to advisers and practitioners.

Papers are likely to range in content from those with a high biological science focus, to those that report new options for chemical or non-chemical control approaches to weed, pest and disease management in crops.

Themes that are likely to feature include:

  • Optimising the field management of pesticides, including application
  • The role of non-chemical measures to support and sustain pesticide control measures
  • Improving crop tolerance to weeds, pests and diseases including current and new approaches to plant breeding
  • Understanding and responding to pesticide resistance
  • Improved decision guidelines for crop protection procedures
  • Implications of the loss or potential loss of approval of key pesticide active ingredients
  • Implications of the Water Framework Directive
  • New active ingredients and their role in future crop protection systems
  • Impact of climate change and crop management on weeds, insects and diseases and their management
  • Assessing, mapping and applying site specific management requirements

Sessions are likely to be arranged around the following topic area:

  • Disease management in combinable crops
  • Weed control in combinable crops
  • Insect and mollusc control in combinable crops
  • Crop protection in root crops
  • Precision application of site specific management requirements

Farming Minister, George Eustice, is pencilled in to give a talk on the second day, but a senior DEFRA official will take his place if he cannot attend.

The NFU’s senior regulatory affairs adviser, Dr Chris Hartfield, will give a talk on how Brexit will change crop protection for UK farmers and growers.

Click here to book your place at the conference - discounted fees are available for AAB/BCPC/AICC members and AHDB levy payers.

For more information, visit the conference website here or download the detailed event programme here.

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