BASIS Relaxes rules on CPD point collection in light of COVID-19

BASIS Relaxes rules on CPD point collection in light of COVID-19

02 April 2020
With much of the country working from home and most industry events cancelled, BASIS has taken the decision to relax its CPD requirements for Professional Register members.

Stephen Jacob, BASIS CEO, explains that ordinarily members are annually required to collect a set number of CPD points before the points-year ends on 31 May.

“Events are typically a focal point for collecting points, but with so many sadly not going ahead, we are extending the year-end period.

This allows points to be collected into the next points-year. The only stipulation is that the full requirement of points for the 2019/20 points-year and 2020/21 points year are fulfilled for both years, by 31 May 2021,” he says.

For example, members holding the Certificate in Crop Protection are required to gain 40 CPD points annually. However, they will now need to collect 80 points over the two-year period.

“This flexibility will enable our members to remain on the Professional Register, while ensuring standards remain consistent, enabling members to continue to practice essential agronomy work,” says Stephen.


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