NRoSO Annual Training Moves On-line

NRoSO Annual Training Moves On-line

28 January 2021
The new on-line NRoSO Annual Training event was launched recently to rave reviews!

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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, this years National Register of Spray Operators (NRoSO) Annual Training Event (ATE) has moved online.  Details can be found in this Press Release.


Those completing the course can claim 8 NRoSO and/or 8 BASIS points 

The cost of the course is £30 (inclusive of VAT) and it is simple and easy to use.  Those who have completed it have enjoyed the experience and we have had some rave reviews:

“We were very impressed with the course and found it a lot more useful and easier to take in than our normal 4 hours in a classroom”, Tom, Essex farmer.

“Just completed on line EiOperator NRoSO course.  Highly recommend. Always new things to learn. Still think we have the best spray operators in Europe maybe the World.  Good Luck”, Trevor, NRoSO Trainer

Access the course on the Ei Operator website through this link.  The helpdesk even talked Ralph, Spray Operator aged 79, who had never touched a computer before, through the process and he completed it in an evening!  If Ralph can do it - so can you!


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