Propyzamide use

Use date fast approaching - Propyzamide

29 January 2021
Don't forget, for most uses, it is illegal to use propyzamide after Sunday 31st January 2021

Sprayer in field

Just a reminder regarding the use of propyzamide where the label clearly states (with the exception of lettuce) the last date for legal use is Sunday 31st January 2021 (i.e. "before 1st February").


If you are a NRoSO member, why not learn more about best practice use of propyzamide and other "Oilseed Rape" herbicides by completing this years NRoSO Annual Training Event. Due to COVID-19, this was recently launched online and best practice of OSR herbicides feature in the training programme.  Find out more here.

 For more information on best practice with regard Oilseed rape herbicides, follow this link to our "OSR Herbicides?: Think Water!" project page.

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