World Wildlife Day Sign-up for BeeConnected

It's World Wildlife Day so why not sign-up for BeeConnected

03 March 2021
Why not sign-up for BeeConnected – bringing farmers and beekeepers together

BeeConnected is a simple, web-based system that can be used via a desktop or laptop computer, tablet or smartphone. Farmers can register on the system and identify a field they are planning to spray with an insecticide by dropping a pin in the on-screen map. Then, using the drop down menus, simply enter the are date you are considering spraying, the field to be sprayed and the insecticide you may consider using and a basic notification will be sent out to neighbouring beekeepers registered on the system.


BeeConnected Home Page


Registering, either as a Beekeeper or a Grower takes a matter of seconds.  Likewise for recording where you hives or fields/spray events are.  What's more, it's free, simple to do and totally anonymous. Check out how easy it is here.

HowItWorks BeeConnected

BeeConnected was developed with and is endorsed by the Crop Protection Association, Voluntary Initiative, NFU and British Bee Keepers Association.  

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