Metazachlor Matters

Metazachlor Matters

The Metazachlor Matters campaign is a joint initiative from BASF and Adama

BASF and Adama have come together under the Metazachlor Matters brand in a bid to protect surface water and preserve the availability of metazachlor and quinmerac based oilseed rape herbicides.


The campaign encourages advisers and farmers to find out if land is in a high risk Drinking Water Surface Water Safeguard Zone for the actives, at WIYBY and promotes how good agronomic practice also benefits stewardship.

The stewardship guidelines are a reaction to the pressures resulting from the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and are designed to curb the frequency and magnitude of metazachlor and quinmerac exceedances in water bodies. This primarily occurs through surface run-off or field drainage after treatment. If action is not taken, the use of metazachlor and quinmerac containing products could be severely restricted, or their use revoked.



What do farmers and sprayer operators need to do?

In line with current metazachlor labels, the maximum dose rate is 750g of ai/ha.

The key advice is to establish oilseed rape in a timely manner and apply the herbicide as early as possible. Planting should be completed by the end of August and the best timing for metazachlor and quinmerac is pre to early post emergence of the crop and weeds.

This is particularly important on drained soils and those drained areas in Drinking Water Surface Water Safeguard Zones which are at a higher risk. Visit WIYBY and enter your postcode to find out whether land is within a Drinking Water Surface Water Safeguard Zone where metazachlor and/or quinmerac are identified as a particular concern. 

Full stewardship guidelines from Metazachlor Matters available here.  

How farmers can take action

Why farmers need to take action


Metazachlor Matters leaflet

Check out the updated metazachlor and quinmerac water protection advice sheet.


Press releases:

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You can also find out more from BASF or Adama.


The advice on this page is provided by the companies behind the Metazachlor Matters campaign and as such The Voluntary Initiative cannot be held liable for its use.

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