Bayer joins the EasyConnect Consortium and new VI Webinar

On the same day that the latest VI webinar is held to talk filling, mixing and maintenance in the farmyard, including a talk on Closed Transfer Systems.

  • Bayer Joins The Easyconnect Consortium And New VI Webinar

It is announced that Bayer CropScience have joined the EasyConnect consortium to help develop the system and deliver to industry.

Today, the VI held it's latest Webinar "Whats going on in my farmyard: Top tips on filling, mixing and maintenance" with four fascinating talks aimed at Spray Operators. Simultaneously, it was announced that, in a move consistent with the CropLife Europe commitment to make closed transfer systems (CTS) universally available to European farmers and operators by 2030, Bayer has joined the cross-industry group developing the EasyConnect closed transfer system.

To see the whole Press Release, click here.

For details, presentations and the recording of the VI Webinar "What's going on in my farmyard:Tips and tricks for filling, mixing and maintenance", visit here. We'll be posting individual videos of the presentations in the next few days, so please visit back.