The National Register or Sprayer Operators (NRoSO) is a VI scheme run on behalf of the VI by BASiS.

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NRoSO members collect CPD points each year to show that they are aware of changes in legislation, familiar with best practice and are continuing to learn in their roles as sprayer operators.

NRoSO membership is a requirement of many UK farm assurance schemes and supermarket protocols and as all members hold valid certificates of competence using a NRoSO member to carry out pesticides applications helps to meet the requirements of the Sustainable Use Directive.

NRoSO is managed for the VI by BASiS. Visit the NRoSO website where you can find out how to join, get in touch with NRoSO and find a course near you by clicking the logo.


Benefits of the National Register of Sprayer Operators - February 2024

  • Food & livestock feed safety.
  • Consumer confidence in UK produce.
  • Government confidence in industry & voluntary initiatives.
  • Health & safety.
    • Operators
    • Bystanders
    • Livestock
  • Environmental responsibility/ protection. (inc. National Sprayer Testing Scheme).
  • Keeping up with government legislation (Official Controls Regulations) & active ingredient authorisations.
  • Compliance within assurance schemes.
  • Continued professional development after initial pesticide application certification (especially relevant to new entrants to the industry).
  • A UK wide ‘national’ scheme.
  • Business efficiency (£) through effective application processes.
  • Promotion of best practice - application, innovation & technology.
  • Industry collaboration - certification, compliance, distributors, water companies, unions, agronomists, farmers & most importantly sprayer operators!


New -  Looking for NRoSO CPD Points?

There's now a handy guide to sources of points from various sources across the industry.  Click here to find out more.



NRoSO Annual Training Event 2023/2024

The 2023- 2024 courses will return with a bit more normality whereby the option to hold face to face events will be the direct decision of the individual trainer. There will also be the option to hold the event as a webinar but again, this will be up to the presenter to decide.

The option of both fruit and arable courses will be made available but the ‘test and check’ element would be changed with no online test, but through feedback during the course. Ten points will be allocated on completion of the course.

The Annual Training course will be delivered by NRoSO trained crop protection distributors and freelance trainers between November 1st 2023 to 31st May 2024.

Operators often find the sessions useful to share best practice and identify workable solutions from others attending the event, that they could adopt in the future.


Contacting NRoSO

If you need to contact NRoSO regarding any enquiry, there is a dedicated helpline on: 01335 210849

You can also email: 

Or the postal address is:

NRoSO, BASiS Registration Ltd, St Monica's House, 39 Windmill Lane, Ashbourne, Derbyshire DE6 1EY