The VI Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Hub; gateway to the IPM Plans, IPM Tool and other IPM resources

As part of the Sustainable Use Directive, the UK government must show that UK growers are using integrated pest management practices.

Professional Plant Protection Product users must consider the principles of IPMĀ  when considering management of pests, weeds and diseases. For several years, the VI has been encouraging farmers/growers to complete an IPM plan which considers an IPM-based approach to sustainable farming. This is an annual requirement of specific crop assurance schemes, such as Red Tractor and SCQ.

-The UK Govt launched a series of IPM SFI Actions for farmers in England. One of these (Action IPM1) requires an annual IPM survey and plan, signed off by a BASIS registered Advisor. Similar schemes are under consideration in the devolved nations.

-Two IPM resources are sign-posted through the NFU Online portal, they allow growers different points of entry on the IPM journey and are acceptable to the IPM SFI action (IPM1) and farm assurance schemes. BASIS and NRoSO points are available for completing IPM plans.

-Below you will also find links to the AHDB Hub, IPM Resources and Frequently asked IPM Questions.