NRoSO Annual Training Events and COVID Update Dec 2021

As you are aware the 2021-2022 Arable and Fruit Annual Training events are currently open for registration – over the past couple of days we have had a number of queries in relation to the latest COVID situation and have produced the following guidelines for trainers and those planning on attending an event. City & Guilds/NRoSO policy continues to be to follow the latest regional government COVID guidelines and we will continue to monitor the situation, providing updates and further guidance accordingly.

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For Trainers

Can I still run my event face to face?

Yes at present – but due to the changing times we are working in, please be advised we strongly recommend that you check the latest Government guidance for your location to steer the delivery of your Annual Training this year. This will help you link your risk assessment to the most current regional guidance re. COVID, the do’s and don’ts which will keep both trainers and members safe.

Can I switch my event to on-line?

Yes – this is possible. The presentation slide deck had been designed so that it can be delivered either face to face or remotely. If you are running on-line events it would be advisable to complete the registration form which you can find in Dropbox.

Do I need to tell City & Guilds/NRoSO if I change the delivery method?

No – you will just need to let your delegates know the change of delivery and ensure they are still able to attend the session.

If I switch to online do I still need the same ratio of trainers to learners?

No – there is no restriction on the number of trainers to learners for on-line delivery

Who do I contact if I have further questions?

If you have further queries then please email

For NRoSO members/attendees?

How do I find out it my event is still going ahead as a face to face event?

Please contact your local agronomist/trainer directly.

If I have further questions on the events?

Please contact your local agronomist directly in relation to particular Annual Training events you had planned to attend, any other queries should be directed to

What if I am struggling or concerned that I won’t get enough CPD points this year?

We understand that these are extraordinary and unprecedented times, if you find your renewal date is imminent and have not achieved the required CPD points to move forward, please contact our friendly NRoSO Support Team who will be happy to help review your membership details and advise where additional points can be achieved. We are dealing with issues on a case by case basis.

Thank you for your continued support