NRoSO Digital Credentials introduced

Here are some FAQ on the new NRoSO Digital Credentials recently introduced. NRoSO is the National Register of Spray Operators, a VI scheme.

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NROSO Digital Credentials FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a digital credential?

A digital credential is a documented award by a responsible and authorised body (such as City & Guilds) that has determined that an individual has typically achieved specific learning outcomes relative to a given standard. Credential is an umbrella term that includes degrees, diplomas, licenses, certificates, badges, and professional/industry certifications and membership. NRoSO is the National Register of Spray Operators, a VI scheme operated on behalf of the VI by City & Guilds.

Why are you issuing digital credentials?

For the past five years City & Guilds has been issuing digital credentials across a growing range of its products and services. In the past 18 months City & Guilds has issued over 150,000 digital credentials – including qualifications in areas such as Leadership & Management, Apprenticeships and the Land based sector. Although we continue to issue paper certificates, we recognise that with the changing world of work, the fact that most people will have multiple jobs during their working life and the rise of a skills-based economy, portable verifiable digital credentials provide significant value to learners by providing a way for them to keep a record of all their achievements as they progress along their chosen career path.

Research that we have carried out with learners has shown that a majority of individuals achieving qualifications would prefer to have a digital record of their achievement, alongside a paper certificate. Overtime we expect this to become the norm however we recognise that this will likely take several years.

Who are Credly?

Credly is a credential platform that works with credible organisations (such as City & Guilds) to recognise, manage and share professional achievements. They are the world’s leading digital credential service provider, with headquarters in New York, and provide a range of tools to recognise employee or trainee certification and certifying processes.

Some of their current customers include IBM, Amazon web services, Microsoft, Hilton, Google and a number of leading Universities. The Credly platform allows earners to capture all their digital credentials in one place, this means if you earn credentials from multiple organisations, they can be all stored in the central platform.

How do I claim the Digital Credential?

Simply, follow the instructions in the email from City & Guilds/Credly. If you have not received an email, then please do check your Junk/Spam folders. You will be sent reminders to claim the digital credential 4 days and 12 days after the initial email.

What if I don’t want the digital credential?

If you don’t want to accept the digital credential, then you can simply ignore the emails. Over the next two weeks, you will be given further opportunities to accept the credential, or you can simply ignore them and your data will then be deleted in line with City & Guilds retention policy.

What are the benefits of accepting the digital credential?

There are a whole host of benefits to claiming your digital credential. Below are some of the key reasons

  1. Personal Skills record – over time it will provide you with an opportunity to keep a digital record of all skills including City & Guilds qualifications in one central platform
  2. Verification – each credential can be verified immediately by an employer and/or regulator online with the click of a button. We are currently speaking to Red Tractor about the acceptance of the credentials as part of the farm assurance model.
  3. Sharing - each digital credential can be shared and viewed on a range of social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook to showcase your skills to a wide network
  4. Portable – they can be added to email signatures, websites or downloaded to an iPhone wallet to help promote your skills and demonstrate compliance on your mobile device – with the ability to share with 3rd parties
  5. Complimentary certification – issued alongside current membership cards

What happens to my data?

As a member of NRoSO City & Guilds holds various pieces of data about each NRoSO member. This data can only be used in relation to the purpose of NRoSO membership and is not shared with other 3rd parties unless it specifically relates to the NRoSO scheme. For example, issuing of Pro Operator magazine.

City & Guilds transfer personal data, for legitimate interest purposes only, to Credly in order for Credly to invite earners to claim their digital credential. For the purpose of issuing digital credentials the only data that is passed to Credly are name, email and the digital credential to be issued. Where City & Guilds transfers personal data outside the United Kingdom, City & Guilds ensures that appropriate safeguards are in place in accordance with Data Protection Law. For further detail on how Credly processes data once a credential is accepted please refer to the Credly privacy via the link Credly Privacy Overview

Why are City & Guilds /NRoSO not providing the service themselves?

City & Guilds/NRoSO are providing the service and are working with the world’s leading digital credential service platform provider. There are 2 key reasons for this in that the cost of setting up a credential platform is significant, and the benefit of credentials comes in that over time individuals are able to have a record of all their credentials irrespective of who issued them.

Will City & Guilds be issuing other digital credentials?

Over the next 12 months we plan to start issuing digital credentials against the suite of NPTC qualifications including both chainsaw and pesticide qualifications. Digital credentials can only be issued to learners whom we hold a current email address for – and individuals will be contacted when these are available for issuing. If you need to provide an updated email – please contact

What happens if I have other Digital Credential questions?

For more information on what Digital Credentials are and how they can add value to you – please feel free to have a look at our website which has a host of materials to explain the benefits Individuals - Digital Credentials | City & Guilds (  If you have any further questions related to Digital Credentials– then please contact For general NRoSO queries – please contact