Putting IPM into practice - VI featured in CPM article

In a recent article published in CPM (Crop Production Magazine, January 2022) Phil Jarvis, VI Chair and Chair of Farming and Environment at Albanwise, gave his assessment of the value of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and the importance of an IPM-based approach to everyday farming practices.

  • Philjarvis Cropped

Image shows Phil Jarvis of the VI and Albanwise

In this recent interview, Phil mentioned that “….the long-standing definition of IPM is as relevant today as when it was first aired in the 1970s and its remit covers all harmful organisms in crops, including weeds, pests, and diseases.”

Phil continued “….IPM uses non-chemical or cultural methods to prevent or suppress a problem developing, then monitoring and the application of economic thresholds dictates when further interventions should be made.”

Asked whether use of IPM would reduce reliance on Plant Protection Products (PPP’s), Phil mentioned  that there was a balance.

“Sometimes the best thing you can do environmentally is use a plant protection product, rather than cultivating several times to kill weeds, so there is a debate to be had in certain situations.” Said Phil.

The article  builds on the work of the VI and other organisations such as LEAF and highlights the economic and environmental aspirations of an IPM-based approach to sustainable farming.

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