Joint CSF / VI Pesticide Check Sheet launched

Catchment Sensitive Farming and the Voluntary Initiative have launched a joint Pesticide Check Sheet to help protect water

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Pesticides are unacceptable in drinking water and certain pesticides such as pyrethroid insecticides, can be very toxic to aquatic life. The most frequently detected pesticides in untreated water destined for the public supply are herbicides but others can be a problem. Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) and the Voluntary Initiative (VI) have published a Check list of questions that may aid, or remind, farmers and sprayer operators of practices to help minimise the potential for losses of pesticides to water.

The check sheet is designed to be downloaded and printed off and kept in the spray-store or sprayer cab.  Alternatively, you can request to be sent a laminated card that you can re-use with a marker pen by emailing

You can find the card on the VI Website here.


You can find more about CSF and capital grants and other help that they can provide by clicking here.