NRoSO celebrates it's 20th birthday at Cereals 2023

The National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO) celebrated the 20th anniversary of it's official launch at Cereals 2023.

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  • Nroso Stand

Officially launched by the then Defra Farming Minister Lord Whitty, The "National Register of Sprayer Operators" (NRoSO) was the main feature of the VI stand at Cereals 2003.  To celebrate this 20th year anniversary of the launch of NRoSO, a birthday cake was centre stage of the NRoSO stand at Cereals 2023, held this past week at the Thoresby Estate in Nottinghamshire. The cake was kindly cut by the Vice-President of one of the VI's sponsors, the NFU's David Exwood (on the right in image), in the company of the incoming CEO of BASiS, Andrew Lazenby (left), with Dr Andy Brooks, Head of Education and Membership Services at BASiS also in attendance (centre). 

This 20th year has been a time of change at NRoSO since the contract to administer NRoSO moved to BASiS at the start of the year. Consensus at the show was that the move has been positive and that NRoSO will continue to grow from strength to strength.  Happy birthday NRoSO, from all at the VI!

For more information on NRoSO, follow this link to the NRoSO Homepage.