BeeConnected - Are you?

As spring finally edges closer, have you signed up for or updated your BeeConnected account?

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BeeConnected is an initiative aimed at connecting farmers and beekeepers to facilitate better communication regarding the use of insecticides and the protection of bee populations. It's a digital platform where farmers can notify local beekeepers about their intention to use an insecticide application, allowing beekeepers to take appropriate precautions to protect their hives.

The initiative recognizes the critical role that bees play in pollinating crops and maintaining ecosystem health, while also acknowledging the need for pest control measures in agriculture. By fostering collaboration between farmers and beekeepers, BeeConnected seeks to minimize the risks posed to bee populations by insecticide exposure.

Users can register on the BeeConnected website to receive notifications and alerts about insecticide applications in their area. This enables beekeepers to take proactive measures, such as relocating hives temporarily or closing hives and providing supplementary food for bees during times of insecticide use.

The platform includes BeeMail, and anonymous email system that encourages dialogue and cooperation between farmers and beekeepers, promoting sustainable agricultural practices that prioritize both crop protection and pollinator health. By leveraging technology and communication tools, BeeConnected aims to mitigate the potential harm to bee populations while supporting the agricultural industry.

BeeConnected represents a positive step toward addressing the complex challenges facing pollinators in today's agricultural landscape. Through increased awareness, collaboration, and informed decision-making, stakeholders can work together to safeguard bee populations and ensure the long-term viability of ecosystems and food production systems.

So, are you Beeconnected? If not, why not? Beeconnected is growing fast with 3714 beekeepers across the country already signed up covering 5881 hives as of February 2024, there are also 1962 farmers on the system with 11986 fields logged.

“As a beekeeper and sprayer operator myself I see both sides of the platform and I think it works well. It’s all about connecting farmers and beekeepers allowing better communication between both parties where insecticides are involved” says Steve May 2022/23 Farm Sprayer Operator Of The Year (FSOOTY) winner and spray liaison officer of the Northants Beekeepers Association.

For the latest updates and developments regarding BeeConnected, individuals are encouraged to visit the website and explore the resources and information available to support beekeeping and sustainable agriculture practices -

To download the A5 BeeConnected Leaflet click here