The Voluntary Inititive (VI), BASIS, NRoSO, NSTS and PIPAH at Cereals 2024, Stand 712

Unlocking Agricultural Excellence: Discover the Voluntary Initiative, BASIS, NRoSO, NSTS, and PIPAH at Cereals 2024

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Join us at the premier agricultural event of the year, Cereals 2024 (11-12 June) where innovation meets tradition and the future of farming unfolds. We are excited to announce that the Voluntary Initiative, BASIS, NRoSO, NSTS, and PIPAH will be present at Stand 712, ready to engage with farmers, agronomists, and industry professionals. This event, held on the 12th and 13th of June, promises to be an unmissable opportunity to explore cutting-edge solutions and best practices in sustainable agriculture.

What to Expect at Stand 712

At Stand 712, visitors will have the chance to interact with representatives from the Voluntary Initiative, BASIS, NRoSO, NSTS, and PIPAH, gaining insights into their crucial roles in the agricultural sector. You can also claim two BASIS and NRoSO points for attending the show at the BASIS and NRoSO desks and extra CPD points when completing BASIS/NRoSO Knowledge Trail questionnaires at the VI and NSTS desks. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect:

The Voluntary Initiative

The Voluntary Initiative is dedicated to promoting the responsible use of plant protection products (PPP's). Through collaboration with farmers, agronomists, and industry stakeholders, it aims to enhance environmental protection and sustainability in farming practices though an IPM-based approach to sustainable farming. At our stand, you can learn about the latest guidelines, initiatives, and how you can participate in making agriculture more environmentally friendly.


BASIS is synonymous with professional standards in agronomy, crop protection, and plant nutrition. Accredited training and certification programs ensure that individuals in the industry maintain high levels of competence and knowledge. Visitors will have the opportunity to discuss the various courses available, understand the benefits of BASIS membership, and explore how BASIS supports continuous professional development.

NRoSO (National Register of Sprayer Operators)

NRoSO plays a vital role in ensuring the safe and effective application of PPP's through continuous training and updates for sprayer operators. At the Cereals event, NRoSO representatives will be available to provide information on the importance of membership, training opportunities, and the benefits of adhering to industry standards for safety and efficiency.

NSTS (National Sprayer Testing Scheme)

NSTS is critical for maintaining the integrity and performance of sprayers. Regular testing ensures equipment is safe, efficient, and environmentally compliant. Attendees can discover more about the testing process, schedule tests, and understand the importance of keeping sprayers in top condition to meet regulatory requirements.

PIPAH (Pesticide Users’ Health Study)

PIPAH is dedicated to understanding the long-term health effects of PPP exposure among those working in agriculture. This vital research helps shape policies and practices to protect workers' health. Visit our stand to learn about the study's findings, how you can contribute to this important research, and the measures being taken to ensure a safe working environment for PPP users.

Why Visit Stand 712?

  1. Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders, experts, and fellow professionals committed to advancing sustainable and safe agricultural practices.
  2. Educational Resources: Access a wealth of knowledge and resources to improve your understanding of PPP use, sprayer maintenance, and health and safety.
  3. Professional Development: Collect two BASIS and/or NRoSO CPD points for attendance and complete knowledge trails for extra points. Learn about various certification and training programs to enhance your skills and professional standing in the agricultural industry.
  4. Innovative Solutions: Discover the latest innovations and technologies designed to support sustainable farming and environmental protection.

Plan Your Visit

Mark your calendars for Cereals 2024 and make Stand 712 your destination for insightful discussions, valuable resources, CPD points and the latest advancements in agricultural best practices. We look forward to welcoming you and contributing to your journey towards sustainable and efficient farming.

For more information and to plan your visit, please visit the official Cereals Event website.

Join us in shaping the future of agriculture – see you at Stand 712!