Are you a good neighbour? Good neighbour initiative

The NFU has produced a new guide as part of the Good Neighbour Initiative to help sprayer operators meet legal requirements and build good relationships with neighbours when using pesticides.

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The guide, which was produced in conjunction with a range of partners, is designed to help sprayer operators adhere to legal requirements as set out in the Code of Practice for using Plant Protection Products as well as other guidance on the Health and Safety Executive website.

It gives specific guidance on the legal requirements when spraying near residential areas, footpaths and public access areas as well as some top tips for avoiding drift.

The guide also highlights some extra steps that sprayer operators can take to help build good relationships with neighbours, bystanders and the general public when carrying out spraying operations.

A double-sided information sheet has also been produced for operators to give to concerned neighbours. The sheet answers some of the most common questions around pesticide use and will be a useful hand-out for operators when building relationships with concerned individuals.

View and print the guide for sprayer operators here and the information sheet for neighbours here:

Spray Responsibly

Good Neighbour Initiative