Careful stewardship is key

The VI highlights the importance of careful use of blackgrass products/OSR herbicides to protect water

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With autumn/winter sowing underway, the VI is highlighting the need for careful stewardship regarding use of five key oilseed rape herbicides which are used to target blackgrass.

Neal Evans, Operations Director said "So far we've had a dry summer and autumn, but with recent wet weather coming through, there is potential for some of these products to be washed into water courses, so it's imperative that growers and sprayer operators take care when using these products"

Dr Evans continues "Here at the Voluntary Initiative, we are signposting to useful information regarding our "OSR Herbicides?: Think Water!" campaign which highlights some of the measures that can be taken to prevent these products entering water courses.  I would encourage anyone applying herbicide to take a look at the latest advice"

Follow the link here.