Pesticide rules for winter wheat drilled February onwards

Voluntary Initiative Champion Jonny Oosthuizen reminds growers of the rules

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In a recent Farmers Weekly article, Jonny Oosthuizen, Voluntary Initiative (VI) Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Champion and herbicides product manager for Adama UK, reminds growers that any winter wheat crops sown after the 1st February are classed as spring crops with regard herbicide label rules.

With the wet winter playing havoc with drilling schedules, many farmers are flat out drilling winter wheat varieties that have spent the winter sat in the shed.

Jonny points out that under HSE's Chemical Regulations Division rules (click here to go to CRD site), any crop sown after 31 January is classed as a spring crop, irrespective of variety and that farmers need to ensure they follow the relevant crop protection measures.

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