Seed treatments and drilling safely. The Stewardship Guide

The Stewardship Guide on seed treatments and how to drill safely.

Seed treatments differ from sprays in two key respects. First, because the treatment targets each seed individually for maximum effectiveness, there is only limited effect on the soil around the seed or the environment above ground. Compared to sprays, seed treatments are applied to less than 0.6% of the field area.

Second, the treatments are applied at low doses in an enclosed environment by professional seed treatment companies away from the field environment.

This highly-targeted application of low doses of seed treatments are an environmentally friendly method of treatment. However, seed treatments are crop protection products and need to be handled as such and used carefully and safely to avoid risks to the user, environment and wildlife.

If you intend to use seed treatments, it is vital to remember to: Wear appropriate PPE including coverall and gloves; Prevent accidental emissions of dust during loading and drilling of seed; and Don’t leave treated seed exposed where birds and wildlife can eat.

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